Public First poll for Metro

Public First’s latest poll for Metro is published today. It focuses on the issue of crime.

Public First is expanding

We are pleased to welcome Aria Babu, Ilinca Bogaciov, Natascha Engel and Ruth Newton to Public First.

New Public First poll for Metro

Metro, the UK’s highest-circulation newspaper, has published a new poll by Public First on voter attitudes to the new Prime Minister and the new Government.

Businesses must understand their customers’ political attitudes

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Public First Founding Partner James Frayne wrote about corporate purpose – and the need for businesses to understand the political and social attitudes of their customers. He argued that too many businesses unthinkingly create political initiatives that please their own internal teams, but that fall flat with their primary target – their customers.

UPP Civic University Comission report launched

Public First ran the UPP Civic University Commission and wrote the report that was launched in Parliament earlier this month. Our research – which included a touring ‘select committee’ process with experts, polling and focus groups across the country - demonstrated how vital universities are to the success of their places, and how much more the sector and government can do to support the prosperity and wellbeing of people across the country. In her launch speech Angela Rayner called the report a “blueprint”.

New Report: Freedom and Flexibility – The relationship Deliveroo riders have with the labour market

In this report, we look at the experience of Deliveroo riders in the gig economy, providing new evidence on the real experience of the gig economy of those working in it.

Ten Takeaways from Budget 2018

In an article for Medium, Public First's Director of Policy and Research Jonathan Dupont shares his ten takeaways from the Budget. You can read the full article here.

New Report: Google’s Impact in the UK

If you’re like the vast majority of people in this country, you’ll have used a search engine at some point today: to check a fact or to look up when your GP opens, to find a restaurant or browse the news.

Public First is expanding

Public First has made four new hires to help us meet continued client demand and generate further growth.

Cabinet Office’s “fake news” units will reveal hostile propaganda waged against the UK and speed of the essence

In an article for PR Week, Public First partner Gabriel Milland writes on how and why Government communications needs to raise its game in a world where hostile forces are ready to wage information warfare against the UK. You can read the full article here.