The R&D Decade Project: Advocating for R&D Investment

Public First authored the final report of Wellcome and CaSE's R&D Decade project, which examined how the R&D Community can advocate for research investment in light of the government's commitment to spending 2.4% of GDP on R&D.

People want green recovery from pandemic, even if it is slow

Writing The Times Red Box, Rachel Wolf examines the public’s desire for a green recovery from the pandemic, and what role carbon pricing could play in such a recovery.

Report for the ZeroC Commission

Public First authored and conducted opinion research for the Zero Carbon Commission's interim report on UK Emissions Pricing

Public First poll for the University Alliance

Public First ran a poll for the Univeristy Alliance to examine what the public thinks about the role of Universities post-Coronavirus.

Sutton Trust: UK Parent Poll Press Coverage

Public First's poll of UK parents, ran on behalf of Sutton Trust, examined the impact which the school shutdown has had on the UK.

Ed Dorrell joins Public First

Public First is delighted to announce the hiring of Ed Dorrell as a Director.

Sutton Trust: UK Parent Poll

Public First ran a poll of UK parents to examine the impact which the school shutdown has had on the UK. 

This new Tory coalition has deep foundations

The Times' journalist Dominic Lawson has published an analysis the long term political trend behind Johnson's 2019 Election success. Citing James Frayne's and Public First's research in the former Labour heartlands, Lawson concludes that this election was less Johnson suddenly "crashing through Labour's red wall," and more the long in the making result of Labour's shift to the left leaving behind its traditional working class supporters.

UPP Foundation – A Tale of a Divided Britain

Public First ran opinion research for the UPP Foundation, demonstrating the divide in how people across the UK feel about their local area.

Universities for Nottingham

The Universities of Nottingham have published a joint impact report, in which Public First played an advisory role.

Empty pockets: Why shops going cashless is good for business – and consumers

Public First Communications Manager Fred de Fossard, writing for City A.M., examines the cashless revolution on our high streets and the report he wrote for The Entrepreneurs Network.

Cashing Out

A new report by Public First Communications Manager Fred de Fossard looks at the rise of cashless commerce and its implications for SMEs, the high street, and financial inclusion.

Why we called our agency “Public First”

When agencies are founded, it’s traditional to give them an abstract name. We went in a different direction and settled on a name which explains our approach to research and communications. And we’re reminded why we did that again today, as we digest the news about Government support for the ailing Flybe Airline.

New Poll for Home Builders Federation

Public First ran polling for the Home Builders Federation.

Sunday Times: Poll for Sutton Trust

Public First ran polling for the Sutton Trust, which was featured in the Sunday Times.

Sunday Telegraph: New Poll on the TV Licence Fee

Public First ran a poll on the percptions of the BBC and the TV licence fee.

Public First is Hiring

Public First is looking for a Research Analyst to get involved in our innovative and growing opinion research team.

New Metro Poll on the Political Leaders

In our latest Metro poll we take a look at what people think about the leaders of the main political parties.

The Election in One Room

Public First assembled 100 swing voters from marginal seats across England and Wales for a massive qualitative research exercise for The Times.

PF Blog: Adult education – for so long a policy graveyard – is suddenly back in fashion

All of a sudden, this policy wasteland has risen right up the political agenda. Bathed in a series of spotlights called “4th industrial revolution” and “rise of the robots” and “automation”, suddenly we can’t stop politicians talking about skills and lifelong learning.

New Metro Poll on the Royal Family

Public First ran a poll for Metro on the Royal Family.

The Speaker should be the servant of the House – not its master

Writing for The Times, Public First Partner Natascha Engel analyses the powers that the Speaker has accrued over his ten years in office, and how this has altered the balance of power between government and parliament.

Cummings: Genius or menace?

Speaking on The Times Red Box, Public First Partner Gabriel Milland discusses what it is like working under Dominic Cummings, and discusses whether the PM's closest adviser is a genius or a menace.

Public First makes two new hires

Public First has hired John Cope, currently Head of Education and Skills at the CBI and Tom Waterhouse, currently at The Crown Estate to join their team.

Fracking: Time to get on with it?

Speaking with City A.M., Public First Partner Natascha Engel discusses the National Audit Office's report on fracking, and how the U.K.'s domestic gas sector could help us to achieve our net-zero by 2050 goal.

PF Blog: The Queen’s Speech heralds a new era of Tory governance, with a ruthless focus on public opinion at its core

The most impressive thing that this Queen’s Speech revealed is that there is a political operation in Downing Street which is going to have a ruthless focus on what the public thinks and will respond to public opinion in a direct and quite radical way.

Public First Poll for Crisis & JRF

Public First carried out polling for Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Wonkhe award nomination

Jonathan Simons has been nominated for a Wonkhe award for his piece on how the Augur report is perceived by the government.

New Public First Poll for Metro

Public First ran a new poll for the Metro newspaper.

Stoke focus group offers hint that Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is working

Public First Founding Partner James Frayne ran a focus group in Stoke-on-Trent North for The Times, discussing Boris Johnson's battle with parliament and the courts, Labour's party conference and the personal merits or otherwise of the two men vying to lead the country.

If Labour bans Ofsted it will be a disaster for our children’s education

Using his experience as a Former Director of Strategy for Ofsted, Public First Director Luke Tryl writes in the Sunday Times about why Labour’s pledge to abolish the inspectorate would be bad for parents, children and standards.

Scrapping universal credit will alienate working-class Labour voters

Writing for the Times, Public First Partner Gabriel Milland analyses Labour's suggestion that it plans to scrap the unpopular Universal Credit system, and points out that such a move may not resonate with voters.

When voters say their priorities are the NHS and schools, politicians ought to believe them

Writing for Conservative Home, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf makes the case for Westminster to take the public's priorities literally, rather than inventing increasingly elaborate 'explanations' for such views.

A Bigger Bang for Bucks: what can the new Education Secretary do?

Writing for Parents and Teachers for Excellence, Public First Director Jonathan Simons sets out what the Higher Education and Further Education priorities should be for the new education secretary.

Public First poll for Metro

Public First’s latest poll for Metro is published today. It focuses on the issue of crime.

Public First is expanding

We are pleased to welcome Aria Babu, Ilinca Bogaciov, Natascha Engel and Ruth Newton to Public First.

The education secretary taking skills role is not good for FE policy

Writing in FE Week, Public First Director Jonathan Simons writes about education secretary Gavin Williamson taking the skills brief, and whether this will benefit FE policy.

New Public First poll for Metro

Metro, the UK’s highest-circulation newspaper, has published a new poll by Public First on voter attitudes to the new Prime Minister and the new Government.

Brexit could give schools space to get on with the job – we mustn’t waste this opportunity

Writing in Schools Week, Public First Director Jonathan Simons looks what the priorities for the new education secretary should be.

Would-be Prime Ministers should be wary of the long-term cost of short-term policy pledges

Writing for Conservative Home, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf urges caution when making policy pledges on the campaign trail.

Twenty policy questions for the aspiring Conservative leadership candidates

Writing for Conservative Home, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf lays out the key questions that the next Prime Minister will have to answer on everything but Brexit.

Businesses must understand their customers’ political attitudes

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Public First Founding Partner James Frayne wrote about corporate purpose – and the need for businesses to understand the political and social attitudes of their customers. He argued that too many businesses unthinkingly create political initiatives that please their own internal teams, but that fall flat with their primary target – their customers.

Not much changes when councils change hands. And voters know it.

Writing for Conservative Home ahead of the local council elections, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf makes the case for further devolution of power to local authorities.

Brexit agonies? Twitter pile-ons? Fanatical protesters? Put them in perspective. For all our troubles, we’re happier than ever.

Writing for Conservative Home, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf urges politicians not to lose focus on policies such as healthcare, pensions and housing, during the Brexit process.

How even the perception of a knife crime crisis will make good schools no go zones once again

Writing for Conservative Home, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf looks at the issues of knife crime in schools, and analyses how the government should deal with it.

UPP Civic University Comission report launched

Public First ran the UPP Civic University Commission and wrote the report that was launched in Parliament earlier this month. Our research – which included a touring ‘select committee’ process with experts, polling and focus groups across the country - demonstrated how vital universities are to the success of their places, and how much more the sector and government can do to support the prosperity and wellbeing of people across the country. In her launch speech Angela Rayner called the report a “blueprint”.

New Report: Freedom and Flexibility – The relationship Deliveroo riders have with the labour market

In this report, we look at the experience of Deliveroo riders in the gig economy, providing new evidence on the real experience of the gig economy of those working in it.

Ten Takeaways from Budget 2018

In an article for Medium, Public First's Director of Policy and Research Jonathan Dupont shares his ten takeaways from the Budget. You can read the full article here.

New Report: Google’s Impact in the UK

If you’re like the vast majority of people in this country, you’ll have used a search engine at some point today: to check a fact or to look up when your GP opens, to find a restaurant or browse the news.

Public First is expanding

Public First has made four new hires to help us meet continued client demand and generate further growth.