Nick Varley joins Public First

Public First announces a further expansion of its growing team with the recruitment of Nick Varley as a Director. Nick will join Public First’s six-strong Campaigns and Communications team, using his expertise in grassroots campaigns and corporate reputation management.

Public First and FP1 Strategies’ Founding Partners Back a UK-US FTA

On the Daily Caller website, Public First's Founding Partner James Frayne and FP1 Strategies' Founding Partner Terry Nelson write about the need for the UK and the US to agree a new Free Trade Agreement. They also argue that businesses should engage publicly to ensure their voices are heard as any new deal is negotiated. This comes after Public First and FP1 agreed a new partnership to help businesses on both sides of the Atlantic to navigate the effects of such a negotiation.

Public First and FP1 Strategies announce a new trade partnership

Public First has announced a ground-breaking new partnership with leading Washington D.C.-based agency FP1 Strategies to help businesses understand forthcoming UK-US negotiations on a new Free trade Agreement – and to ensure any deal is good for both businesses and consumers on either side of the Atlantic. Public First and FP1 will offer clients a range of services to prospective clients, including political analysis, opinion research, economic modelling, and campaigns.

Public First is expanding

Public First has made four new hires to help us meet continued client demand and generate further growth.

Cabinet Office’s “fake news” units will reveal hostile propaganda waged against the UK and speed of the essence

In an article for PR Week, Public First partner Gabriel Milland writes on how and why Government communications needs to raise its game in a world where hostile forces are ready to wage information warfare against the UK. You can read the full article here.

The challenges facing Sajid Javid

In a recent article for Total Politics, Founding Partner James Frayne looked at the challenges facing Sajid Javid as he (presumably) considers a shot at the Party leadership. You can read the full article here.