Fast Forward for Digital Jobs

Public First worked with techUK on a new report published today, Fast Forward for Digital Jobs, which looks at how Government and Industry working together can equip the UK population with the rights skills to take advantage of the 3 million tech jobs projected to be created in the next five years. The report, covered in today’s Financial Times, details how we together we can begin closing the digital skills gap.

A Taskforce made up of leading technology businesses – AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce, FDM, UKFast and BT, came together under the umbrella of techUK, the UK’s leading tech trade association, to make recommendations on how best to match those displaced by the pandemic or looking to switch careers with the array of technology roles that are being created right across the UK economy.

While the recommendations are particularly pressing at this point in time as the country recovers from the economic impacts of the pandemic, the pace of digitisation shows no signs of slowing down with continued automation and innovation making routes to reskilling and retraining critical.

The report calls on Government to work with industry to open up new and flexible pathways for people to train and reskill as well as ensuring employers large and small are incentivised and supported to invest in training for their own workforces. To read the full report, click here.