New Polling comparing the 1997 and 2024 General Elections

Public First conducted polling comparing the 1997 and 2024 General Elections from 16 January 2024 to 22 January 2024. We surveyed 2,007 consumers in the UK through an anonymous, online survey. We found that Starmer’s shadow cabinet is seen as less of a strength to the party than Blair’s, and the public is more pessimistic about politics in general.

We would like to thank the British Social Attitudes survey and IpsosMORI for the 1997 survey data which we compared our own polling results to.

The results for this were reported in the Guardian, here, and fed into a Public First Dashboard.

Polling Tables

All results are weighted using Iterative Proportional Fitting, or ‘Raking’. The results are weighted by interlocking age & gender, region and social grade to Nationally Representative Proportions. Public First is a member of the BPC and abides by its rules. For more information please contact the Public First Polling Team (

You can download the full polling tables here.