For the first time in many years, the North of England finds itself at the heart of policy making and political strategy. Two massive issues stand out. Not only is this Government’s electoral future dependent on successfully “levelling up” the country, its Net Zero policies will disproportionately affect Northern areas which rely so heavily on industry.

Organisations in the North are uniquely placed to lead the high level policy debates that have too often taken place without them. The same opportunity exists to shape the way in which the Government’s policy decisions are implemented.

The Government needs all the help they can get to ensure they develop and deliver the right policies. They care about policy ideas, data and evidence, local knowledge and opinion research data.

Public First isn’t a classic public affairs agency. Since our creation in 2016, we have run projects on the most complex policy areas for organisations across the North of England. Our new Manchester office - the home of Public First North - combines deep policy expertise, a wealth of insight into public opinion, and a unique understanding of how to communicate difficult and complex ideas. Public First North is well placed to amplify the voice of Northern organisations at a politically crucial time. 

Our primary services: 

  • Detailed and credible policy ideas that can be executed by local and national Government.
  • Polling and focus groups on complex issues that reveal what local people believe.
  • Impact reporting through large-scale data analysis and coherent arguments and evidence.  
  • Communicating complex arguments simply to generate local support and national traction.  

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