Pearson: Post-Covid Inequality

Pearson UK commissioned Public First to carry out a survey to catch a glimpse of the impact on the pandemic on people’s jobs, careers and prospects for the future.

New Poll on Attitudes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion amongst Academy Trust Leaders

Public First ran a poll of 115 academy trust CEOs and other senior trust leaders on their attitudes towards diversity, inclusion and discrimination.

New Youth Crime Poll

Public First ran a poll for Anne Longfield’s ‘Commission on Young Lives’, looking at parents' attitudes to youth violence, gangs and knife crime.

New Sustainability Poll

Public First ran a poll for Google looking at attitudes and actions on sustainability.

The UPP Foundation & Higher Education Policy Institute Public Attitudes to Higher Education Survey

Public First carried out polling for the UPP Foundation and Higher Education Policy Institute. The research explores how people in England think about Universities: the role they play in society, in politics and in people's own lives.

Music helped the UK cope with lockdown

New polling by Public First for UK Music reveals the importance of music to the UK public.

UK and US polling on charitable giving and philanthropy

Sir Peter Lampl, chair of the Sutton Trust social mobility charity, and one of the UK's greatest living philanthropists, commissioned PF to undertake polling in Britain and the US

Free Speech at University

Public First ran a poll for the UPP Foundation and HEPI, looking at perceptions around free speech at Universities in England.

Public First poll on US Foreign Policy for John Hulsman Enterprises

In the run-up to the 2020 US Elections, and with whoever wins in November set to face a fraught period in international relations, John C. Hulsman Enterprises commissioned Public First to run a poll in the US to explore American public opinion on US actions overseas, US relationships with other countries, and a range of other issues in the foreign policy space.

Public First polling covered by Times Higher Education

To understand how Generation Z view universities and the wider world, the University of Winchester commissioned Public First to work with YouthSight to explore attitudes of their future students.

Public First poll covered in the Times

Public First ran a poll that was covered in the Times, asking 1,500 parents in the UK about their opinions on the return to school next week.

Public First poll for the University Alliance

Public First ran a poll for the Univeristy Alliance to examine what the public thinks about the role of Universities post-Coronavirus.

Sutton Trust: UK Parent Poll Press Coverage

Public First's poll of UK parents, ran on behalf of Sutton Trust, examined the impact which the school shutdown has had on the UK.

UPP Foundation – A Tale of a Divided Britain

Public First ran opinion research for the UPP Foundation, demonstrating the divide in how people across the UK feel about their local area.

Universities for Nottingham

Every 22 seconds someone from Nottingham interacts with one of its two universities.

New Poll for Home Builders Federation

Public First ran polling for the Home Builders Federation.

Sunday Times: Poll for Sutton Trust

Public First ran polling for the Sutton Trust, which was featured in the Sunday Times.

Sunday Telegraph: New Poll on the TV Licence Fee

Public First ran a poll on the percptions of the BBC and the TV licence fee.

New Metro Poll on the Political Leaders

In our latest Metro poll we take a look at what people think about the leaders of the main political parties.

New Metro Poll on the Royal Family

Public First ran a poll for Metro on the Royal Family.

Public First Poll for Crisis & JRF

Public First carried out polling for Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

New Public First Poll for Metro

Public First ran a new poll for the Metro newspaper.

Public First poll for Metro

Public First’s latest poll for Metro is published today. It focuses on the issue of crime.

New Public First poll for Metro

Metro, the UK’s highest-circulation newspaper, has published a new poll by Public First on voter attitudes to the new Prime Minister and the new Government.