Public First 2024 General Election Policy Tracker

The Public First team is tracking all policy announcements during the 2024 election campaign. We have picked out the key areas where parties will need to give the public answers, from how they’ll manage the NHS workforce to how they propose to build more houses.

We have tried to organise the document according to the priorities of the public (for example the economy and health come top, as they do in issues trackers). Where there are then policy announcements that don’t easily fall into public priorities – such as votes for 16-18 year olds or national service – they are usually found at the bottom of the tracker.

We have only included policies which have been publicly announced or confirmed during the campaign (i.e. since 22/05/24). Existing announcements (such as Labour’s National Policy Forum positions) are not included. Manifesto positions will be included when these are released.

In the meantime, there will be lots of gaps! This will be a useful way to track which important areas are yet to have been addressed by the parties during the campaign.

If you think we’ve missed anything, please let us know. Email

You can find the live tracker here and the PDF here (PDF last updated 21/06/2024)

We will be updating the tracker daily.