Public First and Education Support look into morale in school middle leadership

Public First and education workforce charity Education Support today publish a unique report into the working conditions and morale of middle leaders in England’s schools.

The report – Pressure on Middle Leaders in Schools – is centred on four focus groups recruited and moderated by Public First.

We spoke to middle leaders across the country about their professional lives during and after the Covid pandemic and asked them to discuss the ways their jobs could be improved by better management, better training and better support.

Two focus groups were with middle leaders in state-run primary schools and two with middle leaders in state-run secondary schools. Our focus group participants were recruited from the widest pool possible: normal teachers in normal schools.

We hope this project gives voice to those whose voices are often not heard, beyond the teacher trade unions and beyond educational social media.

Specifically the report has a series of conclusions and recommendations, which can be read in full here