Pearson: Post-Covid Inequality

Pearson UK commissioned Public First to carry out a survey to catch a glimpse of the impact on the pandemic on people’s jobs, careers and prospects for the future.

New Research on Canada’s Legalisation Experience

Earlier this year, Public First were commissioned by Professor Keith Humphreys at Stanford University to conduct a review of this significant policy change in Canada, now three years after it first came into effect.

Covid wiped out 1 in 3 music industry jobs – UK Music calls for Government action

UK Music, the collective voice of the UK music industry, commissioned Public First to research the impact of Covid-19 on the music industry.

ABF Primark Report

ABF, the owner of Primark, asked Public First to create a report on the high street in the lead up to the 2021 budget.

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome commissioned Public First to create a blueprint on how to achieve the right long-term R&D environment in the UK.


Ofsted reports are an important way for families to understand and choose schools. As Ofsted transformed its inspections, it knew that it needed them to work for parents.

The UPP Foundation & Higher Education Policy Institute Public Attitudes to Higher Education Survey

Public First carried out polling for the UPP Foundation and Higher Education Policy Institute. The research explores how people in England think about Universities: the role they play in society, in politics and in people's own lives.

Sustainability Sentiment Tracker

The BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker - the result of over 4000 interviews and a dozen focus groups across the US and UK - answers a series of key questions on what consumers in the two countries think about sustainability and business.

Music helped the UK cope with lockdown

New polling by Public First for UK Music reveals the importance of music to the UK public.

The People’s Priorities for Greater Manchester’s Universities

Public First carried out polling on behalf of Greater Manchester's Universities.

Teachers’ use of textbooks

On behalf of the Publishers Association, Public First ran a detailed research project testing teachers’ spending on and perception of teaching resources (physical, digital and online) and how these may have changed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Truly Modern Technical Education

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The Other Pandemic: The impact of Covid-19 on Britain’s mental wellbeing

In February 2021 Public First polled 4,000 people and held 12 in depth focus groups with people from across Britain. The findings - published in this report by Public First - lay bare the genuine, wide and profound mental health crisis in Britain today.

Who decides what’s beautiful?

Finding out what local people think is beautiful has got to be the point of the government's planning reforms – but the only way you can do that is by talking to them.

Helping towns survive and thrive again

An in-depth and timely piece of opinion research on the state of our town centres and high streets and what the future could hold for them was commissioned by ABF/Primark.

Report for the ZeroC Commission

Public First authored and conducted opinion research for the Zero Carbon Commission's interim report on UK Emissions Pricing

The Election in One Room

Public First assembled 100 swing voters from marginal seats across England and Wales for a massive qualitative research exercise for The Times.