Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022

In July 2021, driven by a desire to enable businesses and governments to determine the importance of sustainability issues in the real world, we launched the BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker, providing answers to a series of questions about what consumers in the UK and the US think when it comes to sustainability and business.

The 2021 report can be found here.

Given the success of last year’s report, and the seismic global events of the last 12 months, we wanted to undertake another piece of research, asking the same key questions, to see how consumers attitudes may have changed.

These questions include:

1. Which sustainability issues are most important to consumers?

2. Which companies are perceived as sustainability leaders?

3. How optimistic are consumers about the future?

4. How well do the public understand the language of sustainability?

5. Who is responsible for progress on key topics: business, government, or the consumer?

6. Are consumers willing to pay more for more sustainable products?

7. What are the key differences between consumers in the US and UK when it comes to sustainability?


Our findings from the BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022 are now available to read in full.

The extensive opinion research suggests that despite this chaotic backdrop, attitudes to sustainability issues have not changed fundamentally. This might seem surprising, but we believe reflects how these issues have become almost existentially important in the minds of the public.

Findings include:

  • 41% of US consumers say they spend more buying from companies protecting the environment this year.
  • In the UK, there was a 15% increase in over 65s who put climate change among their top 3 issues.
  • 48% of consumers in the US were unable to name any company leading on sustainability.
  • A 7% increase in UK consumers’ awareness and understanding of the term ‘net zero’.
  • 48% of UK 18-24 year olds think businesses are lying about their sustainability credentials to sell more products.

These and many other findings are explored in full, in the report.

The Sustainability Sentiment Tracker also establishes a market segmentation. This categorises consumers in the UK and US into six groups, which provide a framework to consider how best to engage with them, as well as colleagues. It is intended to support better decision-making in companies with operations in the UK and/or US.

Our report ends with six recommendations for business:

1. Be clear about your sustainable value

2. Show consumers clearly how sustainable living can be easier and cheaper

3. Tell consumers what you’ve done, rather than what you’re going to do

4. Explore how third-party accreditations and partnerships can help build trust

5. Look after your team

6. Connect and build trust with young people

You can find our full report HERE and the poll tables HERE for the UK, and HERE for the US.

If you are interested in knowing more about the report or working with Public First please contact Daisy Powell-Chandler on