The Planning Premium: The Value of Well-made Places

Public First today publishes a new analysis of the potential economic impact of successful planning on the quality, desirability and volume of new housing developments. 

One of the top priorities of any incoming Government will almost certainly be a planning strategy that delivers housing at the scale the country needs whilst ensuring quality isn’t ditched for quantity. The report, commissioned by the The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and published in the run up to the 2024 general election, provides evidence that town planners can play a leading role in achieving these policy aims. 

The first part estimates the ‘planning premium’, the additional value provided by quality town planning through design characteristics that help deliver vibrant and liveable communities. This premium also includes the additional value of ensuring new development supports optimum urban density. 

We estimate a planning premium of just over £70 billion if quality town planning is applied to housing targets over the next ten years.  

The second part of the report provides evidence that town planners can help deliver housing at scale if given the powers, funding and remit to take on a more proactive role. 

The full report can be accessed here.