The R&D Decade Project: Advocating for R&D Investment

Public First has been working with the Wellcome Trust and the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) on the R&D Decade project; examining how the R&D community can make the case for government investment, in light of the UK government’s commitment to spending 2.4% of GDP on R&D.

The final report, published today on Wellcome and CaSE’s websites, brings together the literature review, public opinion research and discussion with the R&D community carried out through the entire project to examine:

  • What does a successful campaign look like?
  • What does the public think about campaigning?
  • What does the R&D community think about the sector and campaigning?
  • What approaches could work for advocating for R&D investment?

The report concludes with recommendations for the R&D community on how these findings could inform a future R&D investment campaign.

The final report can be found here.