Freedom and Flexibility – The relationship Deliveroo riders have with the labour market

In this new report, we look at the experience of Deliveroo riders in the gig economy, providing new evidence on the real experience of the gig economy of those working in it. We also analyse the potential of the gig economy to grow and contribute to the economy over the coming years.

The findings are based on a survey of over 2,500 Deliveroo riders and focus groups with Deliveroo riders held across London Manchester, Loughborough and Exeter in August and September.

Commenting on the research, Public First Founding Partner Rachel Wolf said, “The main conclusion from our research is that riding for Deliveroo is a choice. Riders are making this choice because the work is more flexible, independent, and active than traditional forms of employment. Many are combining it with other activities, such as studying or looking after a relative. Put simply, Deliveroo adds to the options people have if they want to earn some money.

“The research also shows that the gig economy is likely to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. As it grows, it is important to have an evidence-based debate about how policymakers should respond. Part of this debate should reflect our key finding that few riders are contemplating a return to traditional employment, which they do not feel provides either enough flexibility or necessarily the security that many suggest is absent from the gig economy”.

Read the report here.