Pearson: Post-Covid Inequality

Pearson UK commissioned Public First to carry out a survey to catch a glimpse of the impact on the pandemic on people’s jobs, careers and prospects for the future.

The Coalition for Youth Mental Health in Schools

An extraordinary coalition of some of the most respected schools – from both the independent and state sectors – has come together to call for radical reform of how mental health is supported in educational settings.

New Research on Canada’s Legalisation Experience

Earlier this year, Public First were commissioned by Professor Keith Humphreys at Stanford University to conduct a review of this significant policy change in Canada, now three years after it first came into effect.

Covid wiped out 1 in 3 music industry jobs – UK Music calls for Government action

UK Music, the collective voice of the UK music industry, commissioned Public First to research the impact of Covid-19 on the music industry.

Making Levelling Up work, where it matters most

A report written by Public First for Homes for the North makes the case for housing to be a core part of the Levelling Up agenda

Research on Air-Source Heat Pumps

Public First carried out research for the European Climate Foundation on the introduction of air-source heat pumps in the UK. - The polling identified more [...]

Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development

Today, Public First’s report titled Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development, was published as part of the University Toronto’s Ontario 360 project.

New Poll on Attitudes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion amongst Academy Trust Leaders

Public First ran a poll of 115 academy trust CEOs and other senior trust leaders on their attitudes towards diversity, inclusion and discrimination.

Good Work: Balancing Flexibility and Freedom in the Gig Economy

In this report, commissioned by Uber, we look at what makes up good work, and how experiences in the Gig Economy compare to the rest of the economy.

So you’re a junior minister now?

Associate Director Reza Schwitzer provides some light-hearted advice for the recent intake of brand new junior ministers.

New Youth Crime Poll

Public First ran a poll for Anne Longfield’s ‘Commission on Young Lives’, looking at parents' attitudes to youth violence, gangs and knife crime.

New Sustainability Poll

Public First ran a poll for Google looking at attitudes and actions on sustainability.

We’re hiring

Public First’s international and domestic work is expanding. We are looking to hire senior policy analysts to help our clients in tech, education and sustainable energy. We are also looking for more data and opinion research specialists.

Unpacking Spending Reviews

Ed Reza Schwitzer and Jonathan Simons demystify the Spending Review.

City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The City of Windsor, Ontario, has historically relied on the car industry for its jobs and growth.

London Borough of Camden

Public First carried out a deep dive into what both parents and students thought about choices and standards available across education in the London Borough of Camden.

ABF Primark Report

ABF, the owner of Primark, asked Public First to create a report on the high street in the lead up to the 2021 budget.

Zero Carbon Commission

Public First set up and acted as the secretariat for the ZeroC Commission on Carbon Pricing.

Nottingham Universities

Our study for the two major universities in the city of Nottingham looked at their impact on the lives of people in their own region.

Manchester Universities

The five separate universities across Greater Manchester came together to ask Public First to conduct rigorous research showing the impact that the region’s HE community had on both the local and national economy.

Civic University Commission

Chaired by Lord Kerslake, and sponsored by the UPP Foundation, the commission brought together eminent people from across Higher Education to understand how government and universities could recapture the civic activity that drove many universities when they were founded.

Uber UK Impact Report

Our report for Uber in the UK found that it didn't just provide jobs to tens of thousands of people, but it provided work in a way that drivers actually wanted.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

The trade body for the British motor industry needed to make a case that supporting investment in this sector would help achieve key government goals of “levelling up” key parts of the UK, supporting the drive to New Zero and ensuring this country remained a key player in one of the biggest global industries.

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome commissioned Public First to create a blueprint on how to achieve the right long-term R&D environment in the UK.

Pfizer Sandwich

ur report for Pfzier detailed how its facility in Kent played a crucial part in the local and national economy, as well as the development of life-saving medicines.

Post Office

Our research for the Post Office revealed that their branches are crucial the survival of the UK’s High Streets. Our polling found that 33% of respondents said that on their last trip to the Post Office they had stopped at another shop, café, pub or restaurant, generating £1.1 billion in additional revenue for other businesses.

Amazon Web Services UK

Our report for AWS found that a technology which was only invented in 2006 - cloud computing - is delivering huge benefits for UK businesses and society. Our economic analysis showed that AWS generates £8.7 billion in economic value for businesses across the UK.

Google Impact UK

Our 2020 report for Google showed how, during an incredibly difficult year, Google played a key role in keeping the UK connected, productive and entertained.


Ofsted reports are an important way for families to understand and choose schools. As Ofsted transformed its inspections, it knew that it needed them to work for parents.

The UPP Foundation & Higher Education Policy Institute Public Attitudes to Higher Education Survey

Public First carried out polling for the UPP Foundation and Higher Education Policy Institute. The research explores how people in England think about Universities: the role they play in society, in politics and in people's own lives.

Sustainability Sentiment Tracker

The BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker - the result of over 4000 interviews and a dozen focus groups across the US and UK - answers a series of key questions on what consumers in the two countries think about sustainability and business.

Music helped the UK cope with lockdown

New polling by Public First for UK Music reveals the importance of music to the UK public.

SMMT: Full Throttle – Driving UK Automotive Competitiveness

Our report for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) was published this week, setting out a roadmap for the automotive industry as it [...]

UK and US polling on charitable giving and philanthropy

Sir Peter Lampl, chair of the Sutton Trust social mobility charity, and one of the UK's greatest living philanthropists, commissioned PF to undertake polling in Britain and the US

More funding is needed to place education at the heart of national recovery

Jonathan Simons on why Government must keep to their word and prioritise further funding for education.

Fast Forward for Digital Jobs

Public First worked with techUK on a a new report published today, Fast Forward for Digital Jobs, which looks at how Government and Industry working together can equip the UK population with the rights skills to take advantage of the 3 million tech jobs projected to be created in the next five years.

Lost Learning: How children can catch up after Covid

New polling and focus group work by Public First for the Centre for Policy Studies, finds that parents are highly worried about their children's learning loss.

The People’s Priorities for Greater Manchester’s Universities

Public First carried out polling on behalf of Greater Manchester's Universities.

Free Speech at University

Public First ran a poll for the UPP Foundation and HEPI, looking at perceptions around free speech at Universities in England.

Canadian voters give the benefit of the doubt on COVID-19 — up to a point

Writing for The Hub, Public First director Blair Gibbs reports on the impact of the pandemic on the popularity of the Liberal government in Canada. You can find his piece here - the poll in question can be found here.

Unleashing the potential of Universities of Technology

Public First have worked alongside London South Bank University and Aston University on a new report, Truly Modern Technical Education, which looks at how we can unleash the potential of Universities of Technology to really level up.

Teachers’ use of textbooks

On behalf of the Publishers Association, Public First ran a detailed research project testing teachers’ spending on and perception of teaching resources (physical, digital and online) and how these may have changed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Options for Energy Bill Reform

Decarbonising and electrifying residential heat is crucial if the UK is to achieve its Net Zero targets. At present, however, many policy costs are imposed on electricity bills but not on gas, penalising those who do invest in cleaner options.

Truly Modern Technical Education

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How do teachers use textbooks?

On behalf of the Publishers Association, Public First ran a detailed research project testing teachers’ use of textbooks and other physical, digital and online resources and how these may have changed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Other Pandemic: The impact of Covid-19 on Britain’s mental wellbeing

In February 2021 Public First polled 4,000 people and held 12 in depth focus groups with people from across Britain. The findings - published in this report by Public First - lay bare the genuine, wide and profound mental health crisis in Britain today.

Public First’s ‘Windsor Works’ economic regeneration strategy for Windsor, Ontario

Public First has published its report, titled "Windsor Works", advising the city of Windsor, Ontario on economic development and proposing a growth and diversification strategy for the city.

Who decides what’s beautiful?

Finding out what local people think is beautiful has got to be the point of the government's planning reforms – but the only way you can do that is by talking to them.

Policing beyond 2020

The recent resignation of the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is a sign of how much policing still matters. Despite the enormity [...]

Helping towns survive and thrive again

An in-depth and timely piece of opinion research on the state of our town centres and high streets and what the future could hold for them was commissioned by ABF/Primark.