Polling on the Cost of Living Crisis

Public First has released a new poll, looking in detail at public concerns about rising living costs.

New Polling for More in Common

Public First conducted polling for More in Common on Boris Johnson's leadership of the Conservative Party and Rishi Sunak's responsibility for the cost of living crisis.

New Polling for Onward

Public First conducted polling for Onward on the Conservative Party leadership election and climate change. You can find the polling tables here.

An education plan for the new Prime Minister

The leadership race to date has been relatively light on educational commitments. As the Public First policy tracker shows, from Team Rishi, we had what might be called “continuity Goveism” in an oped from former Ministers Damian Hinds and Nick Gibb..

Healthy Places – The case for action on healthy life expectancy.

New report for the Health Foundation explores what people living in areas of low healthy life expectancy want to see change.

Do Red Wall voters trust the Tory leadership contenders to level up Britain?

Ed Shackle talks us through a recent focus group with Red Wall Tory voters on the Tory leadership election and levelling up.

Inside the Black Box: Public First on the Manifesto Process and the Tory Leadership Election

Yesterday morning Public First were delighted to host a packed client seminar in Westminster looking at manifesto formulation in the run-in to the next general election. Ed Dorrell talks us through some of the key insights.

New Polling for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Public First carried out polling for Amazon Web Services (AWS) which featured in several impact reports for the European Union and Poland. Tables for the polling can be found below...

Public First Conservative Leadership Policy Tracker

Amongst the rhetoric and positioning of the leadership hopefuls, Public First is tracking policies that reflect the issues the public cares about most - like cost of living, the economy, healthcare, immigration and crime.

Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022

In July 2021, driven by a desire to enable businesses and governments to determine the importance of sustainability issues in the real world, we launched the BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022, providing answers to a series of questions about what consumers in the UK and the US think when it comes to sustainability and business.

Public First and Education Support look into morale in school middle leadership

Public First and education workforce charity Education Support today publish a unique report into the working conditions and morale of middle leaders in England’s schools.

Public First polling on perceptions around small business

Public First polled the UK public on behalf of the Federation of Small Businesses to explore public perceptions of small business.

A Network for Communities: Building the capacity for change in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods.

Public First has published a new report: A Network for Communities: Building the capacity for change in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods.

How can the EU create a Digital Decade?

Last week, we published a new report commissioned by AWS that looked at the potential of the EU's Digital Decade.

Teaching about climate change – A report into climate change and sustainability education in schools

Public First spoke to school leaders, teachers, young people and parents to understand climate change and sustainability education in schools.

Is the intangible of levelling up becoming tangible?

Ed Dorrell looks at recent work from Public First, suggesting that the country is finally moving into the next phase of Levelling Up.

Heritage and Civic Pride: Public First Report for Historic England

Public First has published a new report, Heritage and Civic Pride: Voices From Levelling Up Country.

New Polling for Green Alliance

Public First carried out polling for the Green Alliance which featured in the Independent.

The role of Teesside University in Levelling Up

Public First worked with Teesside University to assess their contribution to the Levelling Up agenda

Public First polling on changing trends in ecommerce

Public First polled businesses and consumers on behalf of Coadec to explore shifting shopping trends and the future of ecommerce.

Public First polling on small businesses and the new normal

Public First carried out polling on behalf of Google to better understand how small businesses are adapting to the new normal.

Global Britain and language testing for international students – our work with Duolingo

Public First worked with Duolingo to understand the growth of international students into the UK.

Polling on the Lifelong Loan Entitlement

We polled a nationally representative sample of over 2,000 people on attitudes to training and retraining, as well as the government's proposed new Lifelong Loan Entitlement.

More in Common – Cost of Living

Polling carried out by Public First for More in Common was featured in Politico.

Public First & Onward: Taking the Temperature

Public First carried out two polls with Onward to look into the electoral implications of the Conservative party changing their stance on Net Zero.

Polling on Climate Change and Sustainability Education

Public First undertook a poll of over 1,000 parents to test attitudes to climate change and sustainability education.

Public First Polling for More in Common

Public First carried out polling on behalf of More in Common

A British Energy Security Strategy

Nick Park previews what the government might propose as it aims to make the UK more self-sufficient in energy?

Online Responsibility: the Public’s Perspective

James Frayne on why Public First's recent polling on online safety shows the ways in which Westminster is out of touch with the public.

New Student Futures Commission report calls for action to reverse the damage caused by the pandemic

New Student Futures Commission report calls for action to reverse the damage caused by the pandemic.

Polling for Energy UK

Public First carried out polling for Energy UK on rising energy costs.

Reflections on North Shropshire

Vinous Ali reflects on the result of the North Shropshire by-election.

Polling on Levelling Up in Greater Manchester

Exclusive polling from the political consultancy Public First reveals a sense of ‘wounded’ civic pride in a region that still holds its former industrial heritage, football teams and local markets dear.

Government should support schools to check in on persistently absent children

Ed Reza Schwitzer on why government must provide funding to help schools and local authorities check in on persistently absent children.

Pearson: Post-Covid Inequality

Pearson UK commissioned Public First to carry out a survey to catch a glimpse of the impact on the pandemic on people’s jobs, careers and prospects for the future.

The Coalition for Youth Mental Health in Schools

An extraordinary coalition of some of the most respected schools – from both the independent and state sectors – has come together to call for radical reform of how mental health is supported in educational settings.

New Research on Canada’s Legalisation Experience

Earlier this year, Public First were commissioned by Professor Keith Humphreys at Stanford University to conduct a review of this significant policy change in Canada, now three years after it first came into effect.

Covid wiped out 1 in 3 music industry jobs – UK Music calls for Government action

UK Music, the collective voice of the UK music industry, commissioned Public First to research the impact of Covid-19 on the music industry.

Making Levelling Up work, where it matters most

A report written by Public First for Homes for the North makes the case for housing to be a core part of the Levelling Up agenda

Research on Air-Source Heat Pumps

Public First carried out research for the European Climate Foundation on the introduction of air-source heat pumps in the UK. - The polling identified more [...]

Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development

Today, Public First’s report titled Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development, was published as part of the University Toronto’s Ontario 360 project.

New Poll on Attitudes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion amongst Academy Trust Leaders

Public First ran a poll of 115 academy trust CEOs and other senior trust leaders on their attitudes towards diversity, inclusion and discrimination.

Good Work: Balancing Flexibility and Freedom in the Gig Economy

In this report, commissioned by Uber, we look at what makes up good work, and how experiences in the Gig Economy compare to the rest of the economy.

So you’re a junior minister now?

Associate Director Reza Schwitzer provides some light-hearted advice for the recent intake of brand new junior ministers.

New Youth Crime Poll

Public First ran a poll for Anne Longfield’s ‘Commission on Young Lives’, looking at parents' attitudes to youth violence, gangs and knife crime.

New Sustainability Poll

Public First ran a poll for Google looking at attitudes and actions on sustainability.

We’re hiring

Public First’s international and domestic work is expanding. We are looking to hire senior policy analysts to help our clients in tech, education and sustainable energy. We are also looking for more data and opinion research specialists.

Unpacking Spending Reviews

Ed Reza Schwitzer and Jonathan Simons demystify the Spending Review.

City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The City of Windsor, Ontario, has historically relied on the car industry for its jobs and growth.

London Borough of Camden

Public First carried out a deep dive into what both parents and students thought about choices and standards available across education in the London Borough of Camden.