The Wellcome Trust, the second biggest grant-maker in the world, hired Public First to research public and policy attitudes to R&D, and how to secure investment in research in the future.
In February 2021 Public First polled 4,000 people and held 12 in depth focus groups with people from across Britain. 40 percent of Britons say their mental health has been negatively affected in the last 12 months.
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Opinion & Strategy

We help organisations understand and influence public opinion through research and targeted communications campaigns. Public First offers both quantitative and qualitative opinion research, primarily through polling, focus groups and in-depth interviews. We have run research projects for Government Departments and Agencies, political parties, campaigns and charities - as well as for some of the country’s biggest brands. We have also conducted many polls of international audiences.

We have developed a highly innovative approach – informed by techniques pioneered in the academic community – to both our design and analysis of our polling, and to our qualitative research. We take particular care with our questionnaire design and the wording and construction of our questions.

Public First is a member of the British Polling Council and a Company Partner of the Market Research Society.

To hear more about our work, please contact Seb Wride.