Universities for Nottingham

The Universities of Nottingham have published a joint impact report, in which Public First played an advisory role.

This report looks at the combined impact which University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University have on their city, region and the UK. It looks at not just the economic impact – important as that is – but also the wider social and cultural impact which universities have as anchor civic institutions in their region.

Public First’s analysis found that, in addition to a GVA of £3.7bn, and supporting almost 30,000 jobs, the universities have hundreds of thousands of wider engagements and interactions with their community. In fact, Public First calculated that once every 22 seconds, every day of the year, someone from Nottingham interacts with one of the two universities. Now that’s truly civic impact. There’s some great presentation of all of the Public First economic analysis, and the interaction metric, on this dedicated mini-site.

This work will form the basis of a groundbreaking joint Civic Universities Agreement between the two universities – showing how they can achieve more together, working with all civic leaders of the region as well as other public bodies, businesses and the local community.