Pearson: Post-Covid Inequality

Pearson UK commissioned Public First to carry out a survey to catch a glimpse of the impact on the pandemic on people’s jobs, careers and prospects for the future.

The Coalition for Youth Mental Health in Schools

An extraordinary coalition of some of the most respected schools – from both the independent and state sectors – has come together to call for radical reform of how mental health is supported in educational settings.

Research on Air-Source Heat Pumps

Public First carried out research for the European Climate Foundation on the introduction of air-source heat pumps in the UK. - The polling identified more [...]

Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development

Today, Public First’s report titled Supporting Cities to Thrive: A Toolkit for Economic Development, was published as part of the University Toronto’s Ontario 360 project.

Good Work: Balancing Flexibility and Freedom in the Gig Economy

In this report, commissioned by Uber, we look at what makes up good work, and how experiences in the Gig Economy compare to the rest of the economy.

City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The City of Windsor, Ontario, has historically relied on the car industry for its jobs and growth.

London Borough of Camden

Public First carried out a deep dive into what both parents and students thought about choices and standards available across education in the London Borough of Camden.

Zero Carbon Commission

Public First set up and acted as the secretariat for the ZeroC Commission on Carbon Pricing.

Manchester Universities

The five separate universities across Greater Manchester came together to ask Public First to conduct rigorous research showing the impact that the region’s HE community had on both the local and national economy.

Civic University Commission

Chaired by Lord Kerslake, and sponsored by the UPP Foundation, the commission brought together eminent people from across Higher Education to understand how government and universities could recapture the civic activity that drove many universities when they were founded.

Fast Forward for Digital Jobs

Public First worked with techUK on a a new report published today, Fast Forward for Digital Jobs, which looks at how Government and Industry working together can equip the UK population with the rights skills to take advantage of the 3 million tech jobs projected to be created in the next five years.

Unleashing the potential of Universities of Technology

Public First have worked alongside London South Bank University and Aston University on a new report, Truly Modern Technical Education, which looks at how we can unleash the potential of Universities of Technology to really level up.

Universities, Levelling Up and the Employment Crisis

Public First have worked alongside the UPP Foundation on two reports that examine the role of universities in driving the 'levelling up' agenda and addressing the forthcoming employment crisis.

Cashing Out

A new report by Public First Communications Manager Fred de Fossard looks at the rise of cashless commerce and its implications for SMEs, the high street, and financial inclusion.