Great British Energy: From pledge to reality

Great British Energy: From pledge to reality is a Public First report, commissioned by RenewableUK.

The Planning Premium: The Value of Well-made Places

Public First today publishes a new analysis of the potential economic impact of successful planning on the quality, desirability and volume of new housing developments. 

Public First 2024 General Election Policy Tracker

The Public First team is tracking all policy announcements during the 2024 election campaign. We have picked out the key areas where parties will need to give the public answers, from how they'll manage the NHS workforce to how they propose to build more houses.

Unlocking the UK’s AI Potential: Harnessing AI for Economic Growth

Today, Public First publishes new research commissioned by Microsoft examining how the UK can harness AI to power economic growth. Using a combination of new economic modelling and an extensive survey of over 1,000 senior business decision makers in the UK we explored the opportunities created by digital technology for the UK, the supporting investments that will be needed to realise these opportunities and the current barriers to adoption.

Immersive Technology in the UK’s Public Sector

Public First has worked with Meta and techUK to produce a new report on the immersive tech sector across the UK. The research reflects Public First’s independent findings from a series of industry workshops hosted in Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester, along with new public opinion polling and expert interviews. 

Google’s Impact in the UK 2023

Public First has produced a new report quantifying the economic impact of a range of Google services in the UK, and exploring the economic and social potential offered by AI more broadly for the economy across the country.

How can we make fiscal decisions that work for the people?

The UK is stuck as a low-investment country. Both state and private investment have continually failed to reach the levels of other countries in the G7 or OECD. We need a more politically robust way to make fiscal interventions and start tackling the UK’s underinvestment.

Public First research into the university student experience – Student Futures 2

New research for the UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission highlights the affordability crisis for students and the impact on engagement.

Fuelling Fairness: Five years of the energy price cap

New report by Public First for Octopus Energy assesses the impact of the energy price cap on consumers and competition

Landmark report calls for urgent overhaul of the prison system

Community is calling for a root and stem overhaul of the prison system as part of a landmark new report on the state of the sector which has been produced by leading policy strategy and opinion research consultancy Public First.

Post-Covid tutoring boosts economy by over £4 billion

Pupils who achieved better grades after they received post-Covid tutoring will boost the UK’s economy by £4.34 billion.

Schools warn pupils are being let down by delays to accessing mental health services

School leaders from some of the most high-profile state and independent schools in the country have warned that vulnerable children are being let down because of delays in being able to access mental health services. 

Parents and teachers want a more transparent, well rounded and less high stakes accountability system in schools

Parents and teachers want Ofsted inspections and the school accountability system to be more transparent, well-rounded, and less high-stakes, a major new report into public support for education reform has found.

New report on young people’s attitudes to jobs in the green economy for The Prince’s Trust

Young people’s lack of awareness of and interest in green jobs presents a serious risk to the UK meeting its ambitious Net Zero targets, which depend on training and retraining hundreds of thousands of workers.

New Report on Grid Decarbonisation: Hitting the Ground Running

In this report, we argue that preparing the network for decarbonisation by 2030 is not impossible – merely very difficult – and that it presents an ambitious goal for industry and the public to rally behind.

Public First and UK in a Changing Europe: ‘Bregret’ Report

Brexit refuses to go away, and over seven years since the referendum, the issue continues to generate headlines and spark furious debate. We spoke to the public to find out what they thought.

Public Attitudes to Tuition Fees

Public First published the findings of its landmark study into public attitudes to tuition fees.

Public First research finds parental support for fulltime schooling has collapsed

There has been a profound breakdown in parental attitudes to the idea of full-time school attendance in the years since the Coronavirus pandemic, a landmark study has found.

New Polling for the School Food Review Working Group

Public First conducted new polling for the School Food Review Working Group, researching public views towards free school meals and the potential expansion of free school meals by a future Labour government.

Hybrid Work Commission – New Research

Led by Public First, the Commission on Hybrid and Remote Work was set up to examine the rise in hybrid and remote working and make recommendations on how the UK Government can respond to the rise in hybrid and remote working to the advantage of people, communities, and the broader UK economy.

A review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity within access to higher education

Public First are undertaking a review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity within access to higher education across England on behalf of the Office for Students (OfS).

New report on securing a sustainable food system that delivers for farmers and consumers

Public First publishes a new report exploring public attitudes to food prices and food security, and explores policy solutions to ensure our food system is more resilient in the future.

The Future of Tutoring

Public First ran opinion research to understand parental opinions on tutoring, as part of wider research into the impact of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and the 16-19 Tuition Fund.

Power to The People: New Polling for Onward

Public First's polled rural adults as part of work for Onward on the importance of tangible community benefits to encourage local level support for green infrastructure projects.

2023 BRODIE & Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker

The 2023 BRODIE | Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker is now live! As well as bringing you the third year of sentiment tracking amongst US and UK consumers, this year we explored the themes of nature and the cost-of-living crisis in greater depth.

New report on climate adaptation policy for the National Trust

As part of a new report for the National Trust, Public First found that 23% of the British public say that climate change has already had an impact on them personally

New Commission launched into skills pipelines for financial and professional services in Yorkshire and the Humber

Find out more about the Yorkshire Building Society Financial and Professional Services Skills Commission, looking to improve the skills pipeline for FPS businesses in the region.

New report into skills needs in the UK pharmaceutical industry

Public First has published a new report for The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry on how skills requirements are changing in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Understanding the attendance crisis in english schools

Impetus, School-Home Support and Khulisa have tasked Public First with carrying out a major focus group exercise, talking to parents across the country and across socio-economic groups to find out why so many children are now regularly absent from the classroom.

The Commission on Teacher Retention: Final Report

Education Support's Commission on Teacher Retention publishes its final report with recommendations for policymakers and the education sector.

Is Britain’s night time economy dying? And where’s the best place for an evening out?

To what extent is the UK’s nightlife really on the wane? And where should someone head for a decent night out?

Public First and Progressive Britain: Public Attitudes to Tuition Fee Reform

Public First and Progressive Britain to carry out the biggest ever public attitudes survey testing options for tuition fee reform.

Green Alliance: Moving On Report

New report on greener travel in the UK from Green Alliance features polling from Public First.

Public First Polling on the Football Regulator

Public First carried out polling looking into public attitudes, and football fans' attitudes to the new English football regulator

Beyond the Great Retirement

Public First has published a new report with Phoenix Insights on 'Beyond the Great Retirement: Understanding and tackling economic inactivity amongst the over 50s'.

A crisis of imagination

Meaningful behavioural change will only happen if a sustainable, resilient future feels tangible - and brands have an important role to play

Falling life expectancy makes a higher State Pension Age more contentious

With the long-term sustainability of the UK’s public finances under continued scrutiny, March’s Budget could see accelerated increases in the State Pension Age (SPA).

So, you’re wondering about manifestos?

Public First have recently run two events for clients and friends about how manifestos get made, and how you might want to make arguments to political parties. We thought it was worth offering some highlights. 

What is driving the Great Retirement?

Public First have published a new briefing note with Phoenix Insights investigating 'What is driving the Great Retirement?'

The Commission on Teacher Retention

Find out more about Education Support's Commission on Teacher Retention, examining the drivers behind why so many secondary school teachers are leaving the profession, and what would make them stay.

Towards a new generation of Community Schools – listening to parents of the Red Wall

Public First has published a new report 'Towards a new generation of Community Schools - listening to parents of the Red Wall' for UNISON and NAHT.

Banking for Britain: The role of financial services in levelling up

Public First has published a new report ‘Banking for Britain: The role of financial services in levelling up’ for the APPG for Financial Markets and Services.

Low Cost, High Security Energy

Public First's new report demonstrates how the Net Zero Strategy and British Energy Security Strategy, with an additional focus on energy efficiency,  represent the best option to reduce household bills and ensure long-term energy security for the UK

Launch of ‘Never too late to learn’: The future of lifelong learning

Meg Price takes us through a recent report launch event for Phoenix Insights on lifelong learning

Why ‘no brainers’ still get a no from government, and how to change that

Reflections from Associate Director Reza Schwitzer on why even the best and most obvious ideas don't automatically get taken up by government

My time as an intern at Public First

Lorna Fielker recounts her experience as an intern at Public First over the last three months.

They’re not the enemy…they’re the opposition!

Rachel Wolf shares her thoughts on PM Truss's new government policies

A few thoughts on the Downing Street policy unit

Rachel Wolf shares her thoughts on PM Liz Truss' Downing Street policy structure.

Healthy Places – The case for action on healthy life expectancy.

New report for the Health Foundation explores what people living in areas of low healthy life expectancy want to see change.

Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022

The BRODIE Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker 2022 provides answers to a series of questions about what consumers in the UK and the US think when it comes to sustainability and business.