Young people’s perceptions of careers in the pharmaceutical industry – The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Public First has conducted research into young people's perceptions of careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The potential role of Higher Technical Qualifications in Labour’s Growth and Skills Levy

New Public First economic modelling on the potential benefits of Labour allowing employers to spend a proportion of their Growth and Skills Levy funds on HTQs, we use existing published economic analysis on the returns to individuals of taking HTQ qualifications at Level 4 and 5.

The Planning Premium: The Value of Well-made Places

Public First today publishes a new analysis of the potential economic impact of successful planning on the quality, desirability and volume of new housing developments. 

Public First 2024 General Election Policy Tracker

The Public First team is tracking all policy announcements during the 2024 election campaign. We have picked out the key areas where parties will need to give the public answers, from how they'll manage the NHS workforce to how they propose to build more houses.

Rewiring the State

If the next government wants to cut the cost of fraud and improve the delivery of public services, they will need to make some fundamental changes to the way government issues, collects and processes personal data.

Public First Education Polling

New polling on education priorities ahead of the GE2024

Whose policy is that anyway? Asking the public which party is proposing what

At Public First, we’ve been pulling together a policy tracker which follows the parties’ announcements across all policy areas throughout the campaign, to help answer the question: who is promising what?

Public First’s pub focus group with the Telegraph: ‘Farage is right – nothing works anymore’

This week, Public First held a focus group for The Telegraph - speaking to members of the public in Wolverhampton about the upcoming general election.

The economic case for counselling in schools and colleges

New Public First research for Citizens UK and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) highlights the scale of the mental health emergency among children and young people - and the economic case for universal counselling provision in schools and colleges.

High Streets have changed dramatically over the past 15 years. And much of the public isn’t happy about it.

Banks and bricks & mortar retail have declined, while the number of beauty salons and e-commerce-linked businesses has soared. Older voters are least happy with this change.

The public are ready for AI to start help tackle NHS problems – are Labour?

Noah Bezalel talks some recent PF polling on how the public feel about AI being used in healthcare and how Labour can utilise this to "build an NHS fit for the future"

Unlocking the UK’s AI Potential: Harnessing AI for Economic Growth

Today, Public First publishes new research commissioned by Microsoft examining how the UK can harness AI to power economic growth. Using a combination of new economic modelling and an extensive survey of over 1,000 senior business decision makers in the UK we explored the opportunities created by digital technology for the UK, the supporting investments that will be needed to realise these opportunities and the current barriers to adoption.

Public Attitudes to Opera – Laidlaw Opera Trust

Today, we release a preliminary report on some of the most interesting findings from our research into public attitudes to Opera, which we have been working on with the Laidlaw Opera Trust.

Tackling transport deserts in Chicago: lessons from the ground

Ed Shackle reflects on his time researching public attitudes towards the shortcomings in public transport in Chicago, and how the ecosystem for transportation is changing thanks to ride-sharing apps.

The impact of Uber in Mexico: 2023

Uber Mexico commissioned Public First to develop in-depth insights into the impacts of Uber for consumers, driving and delivery partners, and merchants and local communities. Alongside the estimated MX$73.13bn in economic value Uber contributed to the Mexican economy in 2022, the report highlights the flexibility offered to drivers, the importance of convenience and safety to consumers and the support provided by Uber to small businesses.

The Impact of Uber in the UK: 2023

Uber commissioned Public First to produce a new report of the impact of Uber in the UK as an update to its first report published in 2021. Since then, Uber has grown significantly, connecting over 100,000 drivers with 5 million active riders. The report focuses not only on the economic importance of Uber to the UK, but also reveals Uber’s impact on sustainable travel choices and on feeling safe while out at night.

New opinion research for Kialo

Public First conducted a public opinion research project for Kialo on critical thinking and oracy to discover whether there is public appetite for changes to the education system that would place greater emphasis on these skills.

The Impact of Uber in Canada

Uber Canada commissioned Public First to better understand and quantify the impact they were having on Canadians and the Canadian economy. In particular, the research focuses on riders and consumers, drivers and delivery people and communities.

Pears Foundation and Public First launch the Commission on Countering Online Conspiracy in Schools

Pears Foundation and Public First are proud to announce the launch of the Commission on Countering Online Conspiracy in Schools. Chaired by Sir Trevor Pears CMG, Executive Chair of the Pears Foundation, and Sir Mufti Hamid Patel, CEO of Star Academies, the Commission has kicked off perhaps the biggest ever inquiry into how online conspiracy theories, as well as misinformation and disinformation, are manifesting in the classroom.

Changing Our Approach To Political Qualitative Research

Public First is changing its approach to political and policy research by introducing a new qualitative research product for clients. After a year of trials in the UK, the US, and around the world - led by Ed Shackle - we are introducing our new “Immersive Research” product, which is now a standard product for clients investigating politically-relevant issues.

Immersive Technology in the UK’s Public Sector

Public First has worked with Meta and techUK to produce a new report on the immersive tech sector across the UK. The research reflects Public First’s independent findings from a series of industry workshops hosted in Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester, along with new public opinion polling and expert interviews. 

Google’s Impact in the UK 2023

Public First has produced a new report quantifying the economic impact of a range of Google services in the UK, and exploring the economic and social potential offered by AI more broadly for the economy across the country.

New Polling for the Kiyan Prince Foundation

A majority of young people in the UK worry they will be threatened with a knife or mugged in their local area (56% and 50% respectively), a major new report into youth violence and knife crime has found.

357 into two: lessons from our first-ever competitive internship process

Will Yates reflects the process of setting up the Public First Summer Internship programme

How can we make fiscal decisions that work for the people?

The UK is stuck as a low-investment country. Both state and private investment have continually failed to reach the levels of other countries in the G7 or OECD. We need a more politically robust way to make fiscal interventions and start tackling the UK’s underinvestment.

Public First research into the university student experience – Student Futures 2

New research for the UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission highlights the affordability crisis for students and the impact on engagement.

A review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity in access to higher education

This report outlines the findings and conclusions of a review of the landscape of collaborative outreach in England.

New Report from Eton Star Partnership

New report from the Eton Star Partnership

Mind the Gap: Exploring Britain’s energy crunch

New report from Public First presents a practical route forward for keeping the UK’s energy system secure. 

Fuelling Fairness: Five years of the energy price cap

New report by Public First for Octopus Energy assesses the impact of the energy price cap on consumers and competition

What are the public’s priorities on education spending?

New research looks at the public’s priorities on education spending

Landmark report calls for urgent overhaul of the prison system

Community is calling for a root and stem overhaul of the prison system as part of a landmark new report on the state of the sector which has been produced by leading policy strategy and opinion research consultancy Public First.

Post-Covid tutoring boosts economy by over £4 billion

Pupils who achieved better grades after they received post-Covid tutoring will boost the UK’s economy by £4.34 billion.

Schools warn pupils are being let down by delays to accessing mental health services

School leaders from some of the most high-profile state and independent schools in the country have warned that vulnerable children are being let down because of delays in being able to access mental health services. 

Parents and teachers want a more transparent, well rounded and less high stakes accountability system in schools

Parents and teachers want Ofsted inspections and the school accountability system to be more transparent, well-rounded, and less high-stakes, a major new report into public support for education reform has found.

The Success of Free Schools – Legacy Report

The free school programme is one of the most radical and impactful education policy reforms of the last thirty years. Public First gathered insights from school founders, former Ministers and thought leaders in education to analyse the legacy of the programme so far and make recommendations for its future.

New Report on Grid Decarbonisation: Hitting the Ground Running

In this report, we argue that preparing the network for decarbonisation by 2030 is not impossible – merely very difficult – and that it presents an ambitious goal for industry and the public to rally behind.

Public First and UK in a Changing Europe: ‘Bregret’ Report

Brexit refuses to go away, and over seven years since the referendum, the issue continues to generate headlines and spark furious debate. We spoke to the public to find out what they thought.

Public Attitudes to Tuition Fees

Public First published the findings of its landmark study into public attitudes to tuition fees.

Google’s Impact in Canada

Public First conducted consumer and business polling, and economic modelling, to determine Google’s Economic Impact in Canada in 2022.

Public First research finds parental support for fulltime schooling has collapsed

There has been a profound breakdown in parental attitudes to the idea of full-time school attendance in the years since the Coronavirus pandemic, a landmark study has found.

The Public First Technology Team Is Hiring

Public First is looking to hire a Senior Policy Manager to join our Technology team.

The Public First Polling Team is Hiring

We have several unique opportunities in the Public First polling team. We are looking for 2 Analysts to join, and 1 Associate Director.

The Public First Economics Team Is Hiring

Public First is looking to hire Economists and Senior Economists

Hybrid Work Commission – New Research

Led by Public First, the Commission on Hybrid and Remote Work was set up to examine the rise in hybrid and remote working and make recommendations on how the UK Government can respond to the rise in hybrid and remote working to the advantage of people, communities, and the broader UK economy.

A review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity within access to higher education

Public First are undertaking a review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity within access to higher education across England on behalf of the Office for Students (OfS).

New report on securing a sustainable food system that delivers for farmers and consumers

Public First publishes a new report exploring public attitudes to food prices and food security, and explores policy solutions to ensure our food system is more resilient in the future.

The Future of Tutoring

Public First ran opinion research to understand parental opinions on tutoring, as part of wider research into the impact of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and the 16-19 Tuition Fund.

2023 BRODIE & Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker

The 2023 BRODIE | Public First Sustainability Sentiment Tracker is now live! As well as bringing you the third year of sentiment tracking amongst US and UK consumers, this year we explored the themes of nature and the cost-of-living crisis in greater depth.

Public First polling for UK in a Changing Europe

Public First carried out an extensive new poll with UK in a Changing Europe on Brexit, 7 years on from the referendum.