Good Work: Balancing Flexibility and Freedom in the Gig Economy

In this report, commissioned by Uber, we look at what makes up good work, and how experiences in the Gig Economy compare to the rest of the economy.

Manchester Universities

The five separate universities across Greater Manchester came together to ask Public First to conduct rigorous research showing the impact that the region’s HE community had on both the local and national economy.

Uber UK Impact Report

Our report for Uber in the UK found that it didn't just provide jobs to tens of thousands of people, but it provided work in a way that drivers actually wanted.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

The trade body for the British motor industry needed to make a case that supporting investment in this sector would help achieve key government goals of “levelling up” key parts of the UK, supporting the drive to New Zero and ensuring this country remained a key player in one of the biggest global industries.

Pfizer Sandwich

ur report for Pfzier detailed how its facility in Kent played a crucial part in the local and national economy, as well as the development of life-saving medicines.

Post Office

Our research for the Post Office revealed that their branches are crucial the survival of the UK’s High Streets. Our polling found that 33% of respondents said that on their last trip to the Post Office they had stopped at another shop, café, pub or restaurant, generating £1.1 billion in additional revenue for other businesses.

Amazon Web Services UK

Our report for AWS found that a technology which was only invented in 2006 - cloud computing - is delivering huge benefits for UK businesses and society. Our economic analysis showed that AWS generates £8.7 billion in economic value for businesses across the UK.

Google Impact UK

Our 2020 report for Google showed how, during an incredibly difficult year, Google played a key role in keeping the UK connected, productive and entertained.

Options for Energy Bill Reform

Decarbonising and electrifying residential heat is crucial if the UK is to achieve its Net Zero targets. At present, however, many policy costs are imposed on electricity bills but not on gas, penalising those who do invest in cleaner options.

Universities for Nottingham

Every 22 seconds someone from Nottingham interacts with one of its two universities.

Freedom and Flexibility – The relationship Deliveroo riders have with the labour market

The gig economy has the potential to more than double in size over the next five years.

Google’s Impact in the UK

The average household would rather lose their car, TV licence or even an hour’s sleep a night than access to online search.